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The Potential Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy In Enhancing Vegf : A Scoping Review (Overview On Angiogenesis Of Regenerative Endodontic Treatment)

Introduction: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is known to have an
effect in stimulating angiogenesis. Angiogenesis in regenerative ...

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  • Introduction: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is known to have an
    effect in stimulating angiogenesis. Angiogenesis in regenerative endodontics is
    needed to improve blood supply, carry oxygen, nutrients, and stem cells which are
    useful for regenerating the pulp. Regenerative endodontics in mature permanent
    teeth has not been widely reported in studies because of the possible limitations in
    producing apical bleeding that capable to improve angiogenesis. This study aims
    to determine the effect of HBOT on angiogenesis by observing VEGF which is one
    of the most important proangiogenic growth factors. Methods: This study used a
    scoping review method with PRISMA-ScR analysis. Search for articles through
    PubMed, Cochrane Library, ScienceDirect, and Google Scholar with inclusion
    criterias are effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on angiogenesis, effects of
    hyperoxia on angiogenesis, VEGF expression on hyperoxia, effects hyperbaric
    oxygen therapy on VEGF expression, in Indonesian or English, and publication
    year limit from 2006 to 2021 and exclusion criterias are articles without full text
    and VEGF expression in normoxic and normobaric conditions. Results: Six articles
    reported there are significant increase of VEGF in HBOT group, one article
    reported an increase of VEGF but not significant, and one article reported no
    increase of VEGF in HBOT group. Conclusion: HBOT increases angiogenesis
    which is indicated by an increase of VEGF level. The analysis of articles show that
    angiogenesis at the molecular level of several tissues involves the same growth
    factor thus proving that HBOT also has a potential to increase angiogenesis that
    needed for regenerate the pulp in endodontic regenerative treatment.
    Keywords: Angiogenesis, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), pulp
    regeneration, regenerative endodontic, Vascular endothelial growth factor
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